Free Virtual WiFi Router Overview

Free Virtual WiFi Router brings network sharing to a whole new level! This hotspot creator is able to generate a password-protected free WiFi hotspot via whatever internet connections you have: Cable, DSL, LAN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband Card, 3G/4G, Data-Card, WiFi, Dial-Up. Therefore your friends, coworkers and families can share the Internet connections you have by using the ID and password you give them. It is the best WiFi router that can setup hotspot for all popular devices you can come up with: laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Windows phones, Kindle Fire, PS 3/4, XBOX... and the list continues to grow. It is totally FREE and anyone with even the least knowledge of WiFi can use it with a single click of button, without the need of buying or installing any extra software or hardware.

Free Virtual WiFi Router is able to share WiFi hotspot and surprisingly, extend WiFi range like a repeater to boost your WiFi signal. It comes with customizable SSID and WPA2 PSK password security to keep free loaders away. You can even limit the amount of devices connected. it provides the most detailed list of the hotspot including the devices connected, IP & MAC addresses, the data sent & received as well as the upload & download rate.

Free Virtual WiFi Router is able to create hotspot sothat you can sahre your Internet connection with any devices you want. It is FREE to use and if you want a fully functional virtual WiFi router without wasting time and money, it is the right one to Download.

Share All Internet Connections with HotspotShare All Internet Connections with Hotspot

You must feel frustrated when you step into a room and notice that seventeen people at the table with only one Ethernet jack in the wall. With Free Virtual WiFi Router, each one can get the network connection by turning laptops into wireless routers. Using the generated free WiFi hotspot, you can wirelessly share any internet connection including LAN, Cable Modem, Bluetooth, Dial-up, Ethernet, Mobile Broadband Card, Cellular, 3G/4G, WiFi, etc.

Flexible Connection with Numerous DevicesFlexible Connection with Numerous Devices

Not only laptops, Free Virtual WiFi Router has the ability to connect all other portable devices so as to use the internet. The internet can be used by any wireless devices such as iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Android phones, tablets (Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab), iPod, video game consoles (XBOX, PS4), Netbook, wireless printer, etc.

Custom Wireless ID & Password ProtectionCustom Wireless ID & Password Protection

If you create WiFi hotspot with Free Virtual WiFi Router, but want to limit the access and protect your hotspot, then you need to set up custom SSID as well as WPA2 PSK password for your wireless network. It disallows any other user from stealing WiFi connection unless he or she has the correct password.

Custom Wireless ID & Password ProtectionAuto Start WiFi Hotspot When Computer Starts

If you don't want to manually connect to the wireless network every time, there are options to automatically start your WiFi Hotspot. You can choose to run this program automatically when computer starts, and start the hotspot automatically at the same time.

Easy Access to Internet AnywhereEasy Access to Internet Anywhere

No matter where you are, in coffeehouses, bars, restaurants, or waiting at the airport before getting on a long-haul flight, you can turn your laptop into a mobile hotspot as long as the place you stay has a network connection. So, instead of using your expensive mobile online service, it can have WiFi do all this with a single click.

Fast Connection Speed for Any Online Activity Fast Connection Speed for Any Online Activity

This hotspot software ensures you a fast and reliable internet connection to boost video streaming, gaming performance and everyday browsing endeavors. It can be the driving force to minimize or terminate lag and make your online entertainment and business steady and satisfying.

Best Coverage for Signal BoostBest Coverage for Signal Boost

Sometimes router's signal only travels for a limited distance, therefore limiting the coverage area of the network. The use of this best WiFi router has exploded due to the convenience of being able to pick up the current wireless signal, then broadcasts it beyond the range of original wireless router. You don't need to position your wireless router carefully to achieve the strongest signal possible.

Displays Total Network DataDisplays Total Network Data

When you're connected to a WiFi network, certain details of the connection are necessary to change your network settings or to assist with troubleshooting. Free Virtual WiFi Router provides a list of network data including hosted network status, IP & Mac Address, devices connected, download/upload speed, transfer rates, etc.

Free Virtual WiFi Router is designed with usability and safety in mind, providing safer and more controllable experience than other software that may cost you a lot of money. Download ourvirtual WiFi router to explore for more.

Completely Free

Free Virtual WiFi Router is beneficial to anyone who uses WiFi connection because it doesn't cost anything. Moreover, you can go directly online without spending time buying routers or working out how much you want to spend.

Easy to Get Hotspot Created

The thoughtful UI design and feature makes using this virtual WiFi router so easy. For anyone of us, connecting to a hotspot is a fairly simple process. Just a click of button, you will be in a great way to stay connected.

Clean & Safe

The utility you can use is fully functional and safe. It contains no spyware, adware, malicious components and other deleterious code or procedure.

Update for Diverse Functions

Free Virtual WiFi Router listens to customer feedback to improve the quality. This software's update will be implemented in the near future and it is becoming diverse with the rapid expansion of function. What's more, we provide free support that can really help you with all kinds of problems.